While there are many different social media platforms that will enhance your media presence, Twitter is a fantastic platform for outreach. However, if you don’t know the tricks of the trade, it’s hard to reach your full social media potential. For most staffing firms, Twitter is a great resource for finding top talent, especially if you know how to best optimize your Twitter page. Here are a few tips for managing your Twitter platform, so you can reach the best candidates!

1. Create Visual Appeal

At any given moment, hundreds of thousands of tweets are being posted on Twitter. Looking for a simple solution to make your posts more interesting? Upload a photo that corresponds to your tweet! In fact—add four! You can include up to four images per tweet, according to Social Media Examiner. This is just one simple step to up your Twitter game (and applies to most other social media platforms).

2. The Hashtag

Want to effectively use the hashtag in your twitter updates? It can be easy to get #lost amid the hashtag trends. In order to come up with a hashtag that will best represent your brand, create something simple and easy to remember. And, importantly, don’t forget to check and see whether or not your brand’s hashtag has already been taken!

3. Repost Your Content

According to Leo Widrich, sharing content more than once can be really beneficial for attracting views to your blog posts. Sharing your content more than once can bring in more traffic to your page, it is an opportunity to hit multiple time zones, and it is also a great way to reach new followers. Social media expert, Guy Kawasaki, says, “The reason for repeated tweets is to maximize traffic and therefore advertising sales. I’ve found that each tweet gets approximately the same amount of clickthroughs. Why get 600 page views when you can get 2,400?” For more of this article, click here.

4. Schedule Tweets

One easy way to save some of the time you spend on Twitter is by scheduling your tweets in advance! You can schedule posts for optimal viewing in other time zones (when you may not be working), or you can more carefully structure your series of tweets for the day! Strategically scheduled Twitter posts can result in more traffic to your website as well as new followers.

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