For staffing firms, one great way to find top talent is through social media platforms. According to Social Talent, “In the first 10 years of their career, 86% of people are likely to use social media in the job search, making social media a crucial channel to support your recruiting efforts.” Here are a few techniques you can use with your social media outlets to recruit top candidates for your positions.

1. Show off Your Employees!

One way to recruit talent from social media (and to show appreciation for your current employees) is to make posts about the accomplishments of your current employees; for example, if one of your employees goes from temporary to permanent employment, creating a small post to thank them is a great way to interest potential candidates and show your gratitude to the talent you’ve already recruited.

2. Give your employee a social media platform for the day!

One really fun way to show a day in the life of one of your temps is to have a temp takeover your social media for the day! With permission from their place of work, they could post photos that show what its like to be a temp with your firm, which is a great, and fun, way to recruit top talent with similar career interests.

3. Show off your office culture

While showing off your employees and their perspective via social media is a great way to recruit, don’t forget to promote your office culture. Does your office participate in fun events or have an interesting office space? Photos of office get-togethers or photos of the way your company services its community are perfect to post on your social media platforms. Potential candidates will want to see and understand the company culture before they apply, so including information about employee life in the company is essential.

4. Post your jobs on social media

People, particularly millennials, are turning to social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to find jobs. Posting your jobs on social media sites, such is an effective way to reach potential employees.

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