In order to keep a company on track, a manager should work with her employees to establish attainable goals and deadlines. According to Success Factors, most businesses see an increase in company performance when managers work with individuals to create goals that are connected to the company’s overall strategy. Here are some tips for how to get started!

  1. Work on the Individual Level

Setting goals in a company requires a collaboration between employees and their managers in order for each member’s goals to match their talents and also fit into the goals of the company. Decide on both short and long term goals, and establish when these goals should be met and what exactly needs to happen to achieve these goals. Without a specific time-frame in which to complete a goal, that particular task can become buried under more pressing deadlines. Specificity is key because it allows the employee to understand exactly what is expected of them and for the employer to measure the employee’s success.

Make sure that your employee understands how their goals are contributing to the progress of the company. It fosters a sense of community and purpose.

  1. Quality, Not Quantity

Rather than measuring how much work an employee puts into maintaining her goals, review the quality of her work. Everyone has different styles of working and accomplishing tasks, and if your work process doesn’t match an employee’s, you may not be able to accurately review their work process. The quality of their work, however, is a measurable result (and easier for you to judge) that can key you in on whether or not your employee is an asset to the company.

  1. Be a Coach

As a manager, you are responsible for your employees’ success, and therefore the success of the company. The workplace has become increasingly collaborative, and supporting this collaborative environment is essential to the manager’s role. Creating a sense of transparency allows you to key into what your employees are doing and give advice where it is needed, allowing for a more open, and productive, atmosphere.


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