One of the keys to a successful job interview actually occurs when the interview is over: the thank-you note. Recruiters and hiring managers often interview several people for the same position, so a thank you note will remind them of your interview and help set you apart from your competition. The thank you note is an often-overlooked detail, so sending one will show that you are detail-oriented and respectful of peoples’ time. Writing the perfect thank you note can be tricky, but if you follow these helpful tips, it will seem a lot less daunting.

  1. Take Notes After Your Interview

You don’t necessarily need to send a thank-you letter right after your interview. In fact, it is probably better to wait at least one day. This will demonstrate that you’ve reflected on the interview, and it will give you time to construct a note that feels more personal. Forbes recommends mailing a thank-you note one or two days after the interview or an e-mail three or four days after, although Business Insider recommends a response within 24 hours. Whichever advice seems better to you, you should still try to jot down a few notes right after your interview. You may have an important detail or point that you want to follow up on in your letter.

  1. Should You Send an E-mail or Handwritten Note?

You should definitely send a handwritten note to a recruiter or hiring manager if you met them in person; however, if you had a phone interview, an e-mail is also appropriate. Another option is to send a short handwritten thank-you note right after your interview and a longer, follow up e-mail a day or two later. While this might seem like overkill, hiring managers often interview multiple people, and they may need a couple of reminders about your interview.

If you send a handwritten note, use a simple, but formal, note card. This will demonstrate your professionalism.

  1. Writing the Thank You Note

Obviously, the first thing you should do is thank the hiring manager for their time and for considering you as a prospect. Address the hiring manager by name.  Reaffirm your interest in the job. You want to let the hiring manager know how passionate you are about the position. Remark on a shining moment in your interview or a moment in the conversation that stood out. Lastly, include any point you either forgot to make or couldn’t find an appropriate time to mention it in your interview. Thank them one last time before signing off with a “Sincerely,” “Best wishes,” or “Kindest regards.” This letter should highlight your writing and listening skills, so make sure to thoroughly read through it before sending it.

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