Once again, the holiday season has come and gone and businesses everywhere are back to the grind in full force. For many of us, the winter weather can greatly affect our mood and sometimes, even our productivity. When left unchecked, the simple winter blues can evolve into burnout sticks around long after the snow has melted. Fortunately, it is within your reach to help your team bounce back from these winter doldrums even if the forecast is bleak. Consider the following:

  • Brighten the office area. Try to add light everywhere you can. If your conference room is windowless, try to hold your team meetings somewhere with plenty of windows and skylights during the winter months. If changing rooms is not an option, use full-spectrum light to brighten your space as much as you can, especially in offices where employees seem to be especially affected by the weather.
  • Encourage walking during lunch. Instead of ordering delivery to the office, organize a lunch group to pick up lunch on a short walk. Even if you are met with protests due to the cold, try to encourage this behavior and get employees involved. Getting  everyone out into the light will help improve spirits, the exercise from walking will boost endorphins, and you may even build a closer knit team in the process.
  • Provide learning opportunities. Whether you choose to enhance existing skills or learn something entirely new, focusing on learning can help boost self-esteem and positively impact the creative process. Consider bringing in training or providing courses for employees to improve upon their skillsets or take their career to the next level during the slower winter months to promote a win-win situation for your business as well as your employees.
  • Volunteer as a team. Few actions are more rewarding than volunteering your time. Countless charities and non-profit organizations are in need of an extra pair of hands, and getting your team involved is an excellent way to boost workplace morale and beat the winter blues. Taking some time to help out at a local food pantry or cancer center can help your team get involved in your community while simultaneously improving spirits.

Although the winter months may seem dull and dismal, longer days and new opportunities are just around the corner. As Mississippi’s premiere staffing resource, Staffers, Inc. provides a one on one business partnership and full staffing resources for its clients throughout the Jackson area. For more information on boosting workplace productivity in Jackson during the winter monthscontact Staffers, Inc. today!

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