How many times have you started to apply for a job and then given up in disgust or frustration over the online application process? Online application forms can be complicated and annoying, but many companies still rely on them to round up and organize candidates for their open positions, or to collect resumes to keep on file. Instead of possibly missing out on a great opportunity, take these simple steps to make sure the application process doesn’t get you down—and knock you out of the running. 

  1. Create and save a plain-text version of your resume that you can easily copy and paste into online application forms. This will save you from having to retype the same information over and over again.
  2. Save your resume in multiple file types—txt, rtf, doc/docx and PDF, for example—so you have the preferred file type at your fingertips for each online application system you access.
  3. Review your resume and cover letter to ensure they are ripe with relevant keywords for your industry and position type. Also include keywords from the job posting. Online applicant tracking systems (ATSs) “read” content to identify potential good candidates. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases it will position you for ATSs to properly sort your application and prequalify you for positions.
  4. Bookmark each site you’ve sent an application to, so you’ll know where you have already set up a profile. Creating multiple profiles in one company’s system (if you apply to more than one job) can cause confusion.
  5. Keep all of your files in one place on your computer and all of your passwords in one place on your desk. Organizing your information will make the process go much more smoothly and quickly.

As an alternative to applying for several jobs and crossing your fingers, working with a staffing firm can provide you with a huge advantage over other candidates. Some firms allow you to register on their sites just once, saving your profile so you can easily apply for their open positions. And, of course, establishing and maintaining a relationship with a staffing firm can mean that you’ll be screened, prequalified and presented directly to an employer for a position.

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