Bigger is not always better when it comes to recruiting top candidates. In fact, small companies can actually be at a great advantage for attracting new hires. The reason why so many employees today enjoy working for smaller companies is simple: the culture. If you’re looking to add some great new talent to your team, consider the following recommendations to play up your small company’s culture and snag the best candidates!

  • Appeal to the right candidates. In the sea of job seekers, you will find big-company people as well as small-company people; your job is to attract the candidates who are naturally attracted to your work environment. Actively promote the fact that you are a small company and emphasize the quality of work you do.
  • Let your culture shine through your job postings. Many employees enjoy working for small companies because they typically have a more-relaxed, less-corporate work environment. If this is the case for your company, describe that in your job postings as part of your recruiting strategy. Strive for an appropriate tone to clearly define the work environment as well as the ideal candidate for the position. Giving a glimpse into your company’s culture right off the bat in your job postings will help you attract candidates who will do well in your company.
  • Use the interview process to show off your environment. In most cases, the interview is the first time you will meet your candidates in person. Take this opportunity to utilize your own authentic and distinctive characteristics to appeal to candidates. Introduce them to a genuine experience of your company to see which candidates respond to your culture; the ones who respond positively are most likely the candidates who will best fit your company.
  • Provide flexibility. Work/life balance is extremely valuable to many job seekers, making flexible work arrangements highly appealing. Time and flexibility can be much more important to people than working for a large company. If you keep this in mind when designing and promoting different roles, you’ll quickly begin attracting the right quality employees for your company.
  • Create an appropriate compensation package. While it is important to offer competitive pay and benefits, there is a big difference between what a small company and a large company can realistically offer their employees. Put together the best plan you can feasibly afford for compensation, health insurance, retirement, and vacation. Chances are, if a candidate closely compares your benefits package to that of a large corporation, they are not the right fit for your company, so don’t worry too much about not being able to match them.

Small companies offer the ideal work environment for many job seekers. By actively and creatively promoting the benefits of your smaller company culture, you can help attract the candidates who will perform best in your company. If you are ready to hire the best candidates for your small business, contact the hiring experts at Staffers today!

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