If you’re searching for a new job, it’s a great idea to partner with a Jackson staffing firm. They can offer you access to opportunities not always advertised, as well as help you polish your resume and interviewing skills. That said, there are some common mistakes candidates make in the relationship that hinder their ability to land the job they really want. What are they – and how can you avoid them? Here’s a look at the top three mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not being honest.

Your staffing firm is a partner in your job search success. However, if you’re not honest with them about your goals or needs in the process, they’re not going to be able to help you find the best fit job. For instance, if you tell them that some travel is okay in a job, but you don’t really want to travel at all, you’re doing yourself a disservice and wasting the time of your recruiter. You need to be truly honest with yourself – and with your staffing firm – about the type of position you’re looking for. That includes defining certain deal breakers to them, such as travel requirements.

Mistake #2: Not trusting your staffing firm.

In most cases, your staffing firm will have the experience and wisdom to give you the best advice on finding the job you want. That means, if you need to enhance your resume or improve your job interviewing skills, take their advice to heart; don’t be offended by it.

Mistake #3: Not following up after an interview.

When you’ve interviewed with a potential employer, it’s up to you to follow up with the recruiter at your staffing firm. They’ll want to know how the interview went and whether you think the job is the right fit. By not following up, you’re sending the message that you really don’t care much about the job or your relationship with the staffing firm. Even if you know the position isn’t right for you now that you’ve interviewed for it, it’s important to touch base with your recruiter to explain why. Otherwise, they won’t know what to look for – and not look for – in future opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about avoiding mistakes and improving your odds of job-search success, read about how to let your personality shine through in an interview. If you’d like professional help finding your next job, call Staffers. As one of Jackson’s top staffing firms we believe that the best hours of your day are spent at work, so you need to love what you do. And we want to help you find a job that you’re passionate about. Search our jobs now or contact us today to get started!

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