The interview process isn’t over when you shake hands and walk out the door. There’s still one card left to play, one too often neglected these days: writing a follow-up letter. While this used to be an actual letter, today an email serves the same crucial purpose – one final reminder to your interviewers to make you stand out.

You should send one to every person you interview with, even if there was a panel interview or a series of interviews with different people. You never know who’s going to argue your case just because you went to the trouble of reaching out. Writing a thank-you note could be a make-or-break-it step in the hiring process.

  1. Thank them – After you’ve addressed your intended recipient and identified yourself, you need to thank them for their time and for considering you as a potential member of their company. This is, after all, a thank-you note.
  2. Reaffirm your interest – They know you’re interested in the job (after all, you came in and interviewed), but it never hurts to tell a prospective employer how excited you are about the thought of working with them at their wonderful company. A touch of honest flattery rarely goes wrong.
  3. Call back to your interview – This is the part where you can really shine. Was there a portion of the interview where you really seemed to shine? Maybe there was a technical discussion where you and an interviewer seemed on the same wavelength. This is your last chance to shape an interviewer’s impression of you.
  4. Fix your omissions – It’s common to feel some pressure in interviews, and often, a candidate will forget to mention one of their core strengths, or just not find the right opening in which to mention it. If you can find a way to work it in without being too clumsy, take the chance to say anything you wish you’d said in the interview.

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