It’s well known that for a business to succeed, it has to successfully engage and serve its local community. Of course, your Chamber of Commerce can help you connect with your business community, not to mention getting involved with groups like Jackson MS’s Small Business Administration or the Jackson’s Women Business Center of Mississippi. But how about the parts of your community that are in need of help?

Helping those in need not only benefits your community, but it also boosts your office’s spirits. Creating community service programming for your business can give your employees the same sense of positivity while contributing to an upbeat office culture and simultaneously helping your company to succeed.  Here are some fun ideas for getting your office invested in serving the community.

  1. Sign Up for a Fun Run

Signing up your office for a fun run (or walk) to raise money for a cause that reflects you and your employees’ values is an easy way to bring your staff together. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to get outside and do something active. Consider creating a poll to share among your employees for a fundraising event they would like to support.

  1. Paid Time Off for Community Service Volunteering

According to Fortunegiving workers paid time off to volunteer is one way to make your company succeed.  Some companies have begun the practice of adding a day to an employee’s paid vacation if they do a full day of community service volunteer work.

  1. Volunteer as an Office on a Regular Basis

Consider coming up with some community service organizations where your office could volunteer on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis. For example, volunteering to serve a meal at Stewpot once a month is a fun way to make a big difference in your community.

According to Fortune, of the employees working at businesses who were nominated as the 50 Best Businesses for Giving Back, many said that they were more likely to stay at their jobs and work extra hard when a project deadline is approaching or business is busy while 9 out of 10 of those employees said they are proud to tell others where they are employed.

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