The notion of company loyalty has changed dramatically in the past few years. As the job market changes, employees are switching from job to job more frequently, which means companies are having to re-strategize in order to retain their top talent. One strategy is to establish and / or maintain an engaging office culture. According to Appirio, 47% of workers are less than fully engaged at work, and incentives, such as bonuses, are no longer enough to increase productivity levels.  So what can you do to engage your employees?

It turns out, establishing a stronger human connection at the office is one way to keep your employees invested in their jobs. Here are a few tips fostering a productive and fun office culture.

  1. It is critical that employers take the time to express their appreciation for their employees if they are doing a good job. This boosts confidence, and thus productivity. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail, writing a note, or letting them know in person. This simple gesture is one way to connect with your employees that can make a big difference in employee productivity and retention.
  2. Job seekers have more power than ever in the market, and they are becoming pickier when deciding whether or not to work for a company. Many job candidates are seeking meaningful work and employers who share their values, so a company mission statement and company values can make a huge difference in both recruiting and retaining top talent. Consider revisiting your mission statement. Does it truly express the values that you wish to uphold as a business?
  3. Some companies have begun offering training and learning opportunities to help grow their employee’s knowledge base. By offering free online or in-person training sessions, you can keep your company up to date with the trends in their department.
  4. Implementing a rewards program boosts employee productivity and morale. Find programs that will suit your employees. If they have an exceptional week, take them out to lunch or have lunch catered to the office one day. Plan social gatherings or outings. Some companies have created a committee that plans activities that the office will enjoy.

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