Your Facebook page’s organic reach is the number of followers who see your updates without using Facebook’s boosting tools. With an ever-increasing supply of content on Facebook, it is becoming harder and harder to successfully use organic reach as a marketing tool. As Haley Marketing’s current statistical analysis on organic reach reveals, only 2-4% of your followers see your organic reach. But your organic reach can do better! With a few adjustments to your Facebook strategy, this social media network will become your recruiting friend.

  1. Get the whole team involved

When you update your business’s page, the Facebook algorithm determines the relevance of the content, and the more relevant it thinks it is, the more likely your post is to reach your followers. One way to make your posts appear more relevant is to increase interaction with the post. Shares, likes, and comments will boost visibility. Therefore, to improve views, you need to get your entire team involved. Try offering incentives for social media posts. For example, you could organize a raffle and give employees tickets for their posts.

When creating a new post, use wording, graphics, and polls that job seekers or clients might actively engage in.

  1. Take advantage of your Admin features

If you’re posting on your Facebook page at the wrong time, it could cost you a lot of viewers. Taking advantage of the administrative features on your page, including page metrics and individual post metrics, can make a huge difference in your organic reach numbers. Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, actually recommends paying more attention to the latter—your post metrics. By doing so, you can get a better sense of how users are directly interacting with your content instead of getting a broad overview. You can see which posts have the greatest organic reach and which ones your audience tends to prefer. This can help you to attract audience members that will interact most directly with your business. For recruiters, this tends to be businesses and job seekers.

  1. Keep it personal

Patel has another helpful tip.  While you might think promoting your business is a major part of what you should be doing on social media, what you will actually find is that people are more interested in the social content that you are producing. As Patel points out, “80% of your updates should be social.


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