If nothing else, all organizations, large or small, can agree on one common issue: employee engagement is a difficult challenge. Additionally, with the job market and economy turning around, engaging new employees to give their best isn’t the only concern. Retaining employees you have already spent the time and effort to engage is also an issue to tackle. Taking into consideration the added task of producing more with less, how can companies boost engagement levels during difficult times? For a great set of guidelines to start you on the right path, follow the 5 Is:

  • Interest and time

    First thing first – you need to mobilize from the top! We live in a busy world, but in order for engagement to stick, taking time and generating interest from the top and trickling down are the central keys to success. Employees in every role should be able to demonstrate awareness of, interest in, and knowledge about both their workforce and workplace.

  • Investment in the employees

    It is crucial for managers and leaders to take the time to truly connect with the workforce. Engagement begins with direct communication – authentic face-to-face and verbal connections that convey trust, respect, and genuine interest.

  • Immersion

    You can’t connect with the workforce once and consider it a done deal. Engagement is an ongoing process. Both the frequency and quality of direct connections between leaders and managers with their workforce is of utmost importance in building employee engagement.

  • Interactivity

    Superior communication is key and collaborative exchanges between and among employees should be frequent, proactive, and constructive.

  • Improvement

    Continuously work towards the big picture goal of taking the actions and making the contributions to becoming better individually, and as a whole.

In order to track your progress for what is – or isn’t – working for you and your company, you’ll want to be sure to measure your engagement. Conduct formal and informal evaluations with management.  Assess regular performance checks with the workforce. In the end, better-quality, two-way communication, problem solving, appreciation, and continuous measurement with improvement will be the solution you’ve been searching for!

We understand every company is a unique organization with unique challenges. If you are looking for more hands-on help to improve employee engagement in your company, contact Staffers today!

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