How Often Should You Update Your Resume?

You may think of your resume as a static document; one that’s only necessary when you’re searching for a new job. But really, your resume should always be a work in progress.   So just how often should you be updating it?   You should be updating, adding to and refining your resume a few… Read more »

Should You Counter a Counter Offer?

When hiring top talent, counter offers should often be expected. After all, no company wants to lose its star employees and it is much easier to make a counter offer than start the hiring process unexpectedly. The good news when a candidate comes back with a counter offer is that they are valued and regarded… Read more »

Increase Productivity by Rewarding Achievements

By now, most managers and business owners understand that positive reinforcement in the form of rewards is a great way to keep productivity up and employees motivated. However, choosing the right method of rewards and benefits to improve employee productivity can be challenging. If the reward system chosen by the employer holds little meaning or… Read more »