How to Get Your Business More Involved in Your Community

It’s well known that for a business to succeed, it has to successfully engage and serve its local community. Of course, your Chamber of Commerce can help you connect with your business community, not to mention getting involved with groups like Jackson MS’s Small Business Administration or the Jackson’s Women Business Center of Mississippi. But… Read more »

How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

There are tons of social media outlets that you can participate in, but in this day and age, it is particularly important to have a professional social media platform. This is one of the many steps in the process of creating your personal brand. LinkedIn is a professional social media website where you can connect… Read more »

Constructive Criticism: Improve Your Feedback Skills

Giving constructive criticism is one of the most difficult aspects of being an employer but is one of the most important ways to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. Providing constructive criticism can be tough, but being proactive about it can strengthen your communication skills as an employer and company. As one of the… Read more »

Overlooked Tips for Acing that Job Interview!

The interview can make or break your chances at getting the job. There’s the typical advice: dress to impress, arrive on time, carry yourself well, and ask good questions. While these are great things to keep in mind, here are some overlooked tips that could help you stand out in the job market. Use Google… Read more »

How to Achieve Long-term Success with Your Temporary Staffing Partner

Do you have a strong relationship with your staffing agency? If you answered “No,” or “Am I supposed to have one,” read on. Your staffing agency should be one of your business partners, working to better your results and improve your chances of success. And because they’re responsible for bringing new employees into your business,… Read more »

How to Select a Payroll Processing Partner

Running your own payroll takes time and experience—and the ability to keep up to date with payroll tax laws. If you don’t, you could be placing your business at risk for penalties and fines from the IRS. If you’ve decided it’s time to outsource your payroll operations, how do you choose the right company to… Read more »

Layoffs Happen – How to Reduce the Pain and Maintain Morale

Whether you call it downsizing, rightsizing or laying off, the end result is the same: some people are going to lose their jobs, and it’s going to hurt them and damage morale at your company. Unfortunately, many of us are going to have to oversee workforce reductions at some point in our career. Here’s how… Read more »

Save Money on Workers’ Comp Through Workplace Safety Programs

From time to time, accidents will happen in the workplace. Implementing an active safety program throughout your company can help prevent such unfortunate incidents, in turn, saving your business money on workers’ compensation claims and improving your bottom line. Although they are not difficult to put in place, effective safety programs require careful planning, comprehensive… Read more »

Jackson is Set to Grow! What Does This Mean For Employers?

The employment future is looking very bright for Mississippi—and the Mississippi Economic Council can prove it. Last year, they surveyed 20 different communities in “every corner of Mississippi” as part of the 2011 Mississippi Blueprint project, an objective review of the state’s economic opportunities and recommended actions for putting Mississippi into a growth phase. The Blueprint Project… Read more »

How Much is a Job Worth? How to Determine the Market Value of a Job

When it’s time to make an employee an offer, you’ll want to make sure your compensation package is at least comparable to what your competitors are paying. It’s so easy these days for candidates to look up the salary range for their job. If what you offer is lacking, you may have gone through the… Read more »