4 Tips for Writing an Interview Thank You Note

The interview process isn’t over when you shake hands and walk out the door. There’s still one card left to play, one too often neglected these days: writing a follow-up letter. While this used to be an actual letter, today an email serves the same crucial purpose – one final reminder to your interviewers to… Read more »

How to be an Efficient Recruiter

Recruiting and hiring is particularly important for small businesses. Unlike larger companies, who could have hundreds, even thousands, of employees, small business owners have a special challenge when it comes to hiring the right person for the job. Not only is it about hiring someone who will fit into your company’s team and the culture… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Personality Tests in Hiring

Personality testing has been a popular tool with recruiters for years. Those who like them say they can be used to better assess a candidate’s cognitive skills and ability to ‘fit’ with the company culture. Those who disapprove say personality tests are far from infallible and may also impinge on an individual’s privacy. So what… Read more »

Improve Your Company Culture by Asking These Four Questions

How are some companies able to land high-caliber talent at lower than industry-leading salaries? Think Google. Or Zappos. They’re not famous for paying people a lot of money. They’re famous for having great company cultures. So how can you make your company more appealing to desirable employees? Start by asking yourself the following questions: 1…. Read more »

How to Identify Employees with Leadership Qualities

When management positions become available or the need to create a new managerial position arises in your company, sometimes the best course of action is to promote from within. After all, who knows the ins and outs of your company’s vision, mission, and culture better than your current employees? In situations such as these, identifying… Read more »