Using Social Media to Recruit Top Talent

For staffing firms, one great way to find top talent is through social media platforms. According to Social Talent, “In the first 10 years of their career, 86% of people are likely to use social media in the job search, making social media a crucial channel to support your recruiting efforts.” Here are a few… Read more »

How to be an Efficient Recruiter

Recruiting and hiring is particularly important for small businesses. Unlike larger companies, who could have hundreds, even thousands, of employees, small business owners have a special challenge when it comes to hiring the right person for the job. Not only is it about hiring someone who will fit into your company’s team and the culture… Read more »

The Perks of Being Health Conscious at Work

Businesses all over the United States and all over Mississippi are becoming ever more focused on employee health in the work place. As employers learn more about the health risks associated with working in a sedentary position for long hours, employers are coming up with creative solutions to promote office wellness. For example, at Staffers,… Read more »

It’s Not a Myth: Hiring is Getting Harder. What Does This Mean for Employers?

It’s getting hard to find good help these days. Due to a weak educational picture, the ever-increasing specialization of the economy and a shrinking supply of available workers, hiring is getting more and more difficult for Mississippi employers. One reason is that skilled workers are experiencing ever-higher demand while programs to create those workers are… Read more »

How to Spot a Natural Leader When Hiring

One of the most sought-after skills in business is good leadership. An effective manager uses their own skills, delegates well, and gets the most out of their subordinates. But it’s not always easy to tell which person is management material. Before you can call someone a natural leader, you have to know what you’re looking… Read more »

How to Strike a Work-Life Balance (without Sacrificing Employee Productivity)

Keeping employees motivated and effective is central to a company’s success. A stressed-out, run-down and over-worked staff is one that’s sloppy, lacking focus and prone to mistakes. Even the best, most dogged employees will eventually, if pushed too hard, reach a point where they become a liability rather than an asset. Ensuring your employees achieve… Read more »

5 Secrets of a Likable Manager

Being a good boss isn’t about giving orders. That’s what a dictator does. An effective manager should to lead by example, show respect for his or her employees, and inspire subordinates to give their best efforts. It helps greatly if employees like their manager. It takes an incredibly rare individual to be unlikable yet still… Read more »

Helping Your Team Find Purpose in Their Positions

Why is it important for your team to see that their work has meaning? Because most people need to know that their job exists for a reason, and they want to know that their work helps others or makes the world a better place. And if they understand this purpose, they’ll be more engaged and… Read more »

Affordable Ways to Build Company Culture & Morale This Summer

Keeping employee morale up can be a tough job in the summertime. It’s warm and sunny outside, and many employees go on vacation, so those employees who are showing up to the office every day can feel like they’re missing out. What can you do to keep spirits—and productivity—high during the summer months? Here are… Read more »

Layoffs Happen – How to Reduce the Pain and Maintain Morale

Whether you call it downsizing, rightsizing or laying off, the end result is the same: some people are going to lose their jobs, and it’s going to hurt them and damage morale at your company. Unfortunately, many of us are going to have to oversee workforce reductions at some point in our career. Here’s how… Read more »