In this age of information transparency, lying on resumes is a relatively uncommon issue, but unfortunately, it does happen. With unemployment rates at an all-time high, some candidates will stoop to all-time lows to find a job. Never fear, though; even if your company does not have its own dedicated human resources department, you can still thoroughly and accurately examine potential employees. Although they do require a time commitment, consider implementing the following steps to really learn about your candidates before you make a hiring decision.

  • Multiple interviews. Interview a variety of people for a single position, and call promising candidates back for a second, or even a third interview. Include other managers in the interview to gain important feedback from all angles.  These are both excellent methods for gathering well-rounded insight about your potential hires.
  • Background checks. Although Google and social networks are gold mines for learning about your applicants, you may want to take the extra step and conduct a background check on each new hire. It’s up to you and the needs of your business to determine how in depth you wish to search, but the recommended bare minimum background check is to investigate the candidate’s criminal record and citizenship status to help prevent any unwanted, sticky situations in the future.
  • Personal references.  While professional recommendations are a must, personal references can be equally as important. Look beyond the provided list of references and conduct your own background check by reaching out to former co-workers or other colleagues who can verify the candidate’s employment history as well as offer firsthand insight into their character.

The key to hiring honest, quality employees is slowing down. Oftentimes, hiring managers find themselves in a position where they feel hurried to make a decision; however, taking the time to think through your choice of applicants, and truly getting to know their character will prove to be invaluable for your company. If you are in need of further resources for screening job candidates, contact Staffers today!

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