The old saying goes that great leaders lead by example. Although the times have changed, these words of wisdom still ring true. The difference is, the new leading by example is to lead by being an excellent follower. It sounds confusing, but it is actually a highly effective leadership skill. Many times, in just a single day, we’ll switch between the roles of leader and follower, and success depends just as much on being a great follower as it does on being a great leader. Leading your employees down the path to success is, without a doubt, a goal all business leaders share, so consider the points below to effectively step up your leadership skills:

  • Create your own job. Everyone has a boss, even when you are the boss. Identify quantifiable goals you can reach in a reasonable amount of time, and bring fresh ideas to the table instead of waiting to be told what to do. Nothing demonstrates the ability to self lead more than presenting a plan before it’s been requested.
  • Always communicate. Without effective communication, others are left to assume the worst. Proactively communicating in writing wipes away worry before it can reach the surface. Keep your employees – and employer – in the know by always updating them on progress. Remember: unwanted information is much easier forgiven than hidden information, whether or not hiding it was your intention.
  • Be ready. Always be one step ahead by anticipating what your boss or employees need. Put yourself in their shoes to know what it is they want. This will undoubtedly make you an invaluable company asset, and additionally, help you move up within the company. There is nothing more reassuring to someone than to hear what they are asking for has already been accomplished.
  • Deliver. Reason backwards by using future goals to prioritize. Strategically deliver on clearly defined goals to efficiently impact the company’s mission. Demonstrate your self motivation by showing your employer and co-workers your seriousness rather than merely describing it. This will prove your ability to follow through on solving problems and continuously move forward.
  • Stay loyal. It is of utmost importance to support your co-workers. Do not undermine or go over others’ heads. Once a decision has been made, if you must disagree, do so privately.  If you are no longer capable of backing one another, it may be time to search for a new job.

Many traits that apply to great leaders are equally applicable to great followers. Leaders don’t just acquire these traits as followers; they also model them for their own employees. If you are looking for further information to step up your leadership skills, contact the experts at Staffers today!

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