Perhaps the greatest skill a successful leader can possess is listening. It sounds simple but it is a true talent that is often overlooked. Listening skills come into play in almost every crucial aspect of running an organization; in fact, many experts believe it is impossible to excel in business today without this skill.

Being described as a great listener implies a multitude of positive attributes; from being fair, to being open to differing opinions, and not being driven by ego. Listening is about respect, excellence, and making a solid commitment to others, coming into play when developing team skills and leaders alike. Not only will listening help advance one’s career, the fate of a company relies on it. Consider the following benefits to mastering the art of listening.

  • Tuned problem solving. Effective listening skills can help you understand differing points of view when conflicts or other challenges arise. This understanding will allow you to define core issues and ultimately find a solution.
  • Greater contribution. Listening more and speaking less will help you process new ideas. This awareness will help you soak up the knowledge around you.
  • A voice for others. Your most valued employees are not always your most vocal. Listening – really listening to them – can help you determine if they are holding back, and if so, gives you the opportunity to help these employees find their voices.
  • Awareness becoming resilience. Whether it’s within your own office or in any other external environment, being completely open in a conversation can help save a single career or an entire company. For a business owner, it is imperative to cultivate truth and tune into key messages.

Sometimes, an act as simple as allowing someone to finish a sentence is the first step to becoming an effective listener, and in turn, becoming a successful leader. Although it may seem elementary, listening can be a difficult skill to hone in on; becoming aware of your own aptitude for listening to others can be trickier, but also much more rewarding than one would think. If you are looking to build upon your own listening skills to become a great leader and business owner, contact Staffers today!

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