Only 13% of employees are engaged at work, according to a recent Gallup poll. That’s a scary statistic when you consider how important engagement is for business success. As one of Jackson, Mississippi’s top staffing agencies , Staffers know that not only does it affect your ability to recruit and retain top employees, but it also impacts company growth as well.

Now, knowing how critical employee engagement is to your organization’s success, what can you do to improve it? Start by following these 6 steps:

Step #1: Share your vision.

Employees will only stay engaged if they have an understanding of what it is you’re working toward. But don’t simply talk about your vision. Provide a detailed road map for employees so they know the expectations you have for them at each turn and the challenges they’ll face along the way.

Step #2: Connect that vision to each individual employee.

Employees are far more engaged when they feel connected to the work they’re doing; this is especially true for Millennials. Make sure your team knows how the company is making a meaningful impact in the world or on customers, and how each individual employee is contributing to that cause.

Step #3: Live company values.

Company values shouldn’t simply be posters on walls; they should be embodied by the entire management team. In essence, you all have to “walk the walk” in order to get employees to buy-in. If you’re not living company values each day, you won’t keep employees engaged or interested in doing the same.

For instance, if an important part of your company’s values is giving back to the community, then it’s up to you to spearhead and participate in efforts to do that. Likewise, don’t simply tout a mentoring program during the hiring process as part of the company’s dedication to employee advancement. Make sure interested new hires are immediately connected with someone who can guide and teach them.

Step #4: Keep employees on track.

Your team will flounder when they don’t fully understand what you want them to do, you’re not on the same page with them in terms of performance goals, you rarely offer feedback, or your expectations keep changing. It’s up to you to clearly communicate your expectations and goals for each person, as well as how success will be measured. Also be sure to offer plenty of regular input and guidance along the way.

Step #5: Be fair and respectful.

One of the fastest ways to employee dis-engagement is to act unfairly or treat employees in an unprofessional way (think yelling, berating, or playing favorites). Instead, respect and trust your team members. Admit to your mistakes. And be calm and considerate at all times.

Step #6: Say “thank you.”

Employees become dis-engaged when they consistently deliver excellent results and are never recognized for them. On the other hand, saying “thank you,” is one of the most powerful motivators there is. Publicly praising an employee’s contributions is even better.

For more tips on keeping employees engaged, read our post about “Employee Happiness: Why It Matters and How to Make it Great.”

If you’d like additional help recruiting and retaining employees for your team – and grow your company as a result – call Staffers. As one of Jackson, Mississippi’s top staffing agencies , we can help you find the right talent for your needs.

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