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Whether you’re a temporary or permanent new hire, making a good impression on your first day is essential. From arriving a few minutes early and meeting your boss and new co-workers, to finding the water cooler, the first day can be a little overwhelming. If your first day on the job is approaching, check out these helpful tips surviving AND thriving!

  1. Prep during the interview:

This may seem early to some, but taking notes on the work environment at the interview can be extremely helpful when preparing for your first day. Check out what the employees are wearing. Are they dressed in suits or are they more business casual? Deciding what to wear on the first day of work can be extremely stressful, but if you take a mental note ahead of time, you will have a better idea of how to blend in. If you forget or don’t notice how the employees dress, call the HR department ahead of time and ask for suggestions. Overdressing is always better than underdressing.

  1. Prep the night before:

Make sure you have everything ready to go the night before your first day. Not only will you feel more relaxed when you wake up, but you won’t forget anything due to last minute nerves. Pack your lunch and fill up your water bottle ahead of time. Grab your favorite notebook, pen, sticky notes, or anything else that might be helpful when you arrive. Try on and plan out what you want to wear so that you don’t do any second guessing the morning of.

  1. Getting to Work:

Try to arrive at least fifteen minutes early on the first day. If you live in a city or town with rush hour traffic, try making the commute once or twice before your first day so that you know what to expect.

  1. When You’re at Work:

You will likely meet a lot of new people on your first day, and you may forget their names. Try to write them down as you go along. If you encounter them later in the day or over the next few days, don’t be embarrassed to ask them again. When you’re learning a lot of new information at once, it’s impossible to remember everything, and if you’re polite, your employees will totally understand.

Make it a point to introduce yourself to your new coworkers.

Be prepared to be given a task on your first day. You’re there to work, after all! It’s okay (and very important) to ask questions on your first day, but if it’s possible to figure out on your own, you should try. Google is your friend!

Be flexible and don’t make any expectations for what the job will entail.

  1. After work:

Relax! You made it through your first day! Good for you.

If anyone stood out as being particularly helpful, you should shoot them a ‘thank-you’ email. That small detail will mean a lot as you are establishing relationships with your colleagues.


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