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Being an introvert doesn’t have to be a disadvantage for a jobseeker. Plenty of jobs require the kind of quiet, focused attention that introverts tend to possess. Researching the position in advance and working with your natural inclinations instead of against them will allow you to present yourself in the best possible light in your interview.

Dress for confidence.

While many are fine with looking good, an introvert must also feel good. Try on your interview clothes at least a week before you need them to make sure that nothing pinches or feels tight. Tight sleeves are distracting when you are fielding tough interview questions.

Be prepared.

Research will give you confidence. Learn everything you can about the company so that nothing takes you by surprise. Make a list of commonly asked questions in your industry and prepare answers for them. Practice until you are comfortable. Come up with anecdotes from your experience to use if the interviewer asks for examples.

Practice your presentation.

Enlist a friend or use a video camera. You will probably feel strange, but it’s worth making the effort. If you walk into interview feeling polished, it will give you confidence and help you focus on making the best impression.

Keep the conversation going.

Preparation and practice will help you avoid awkward gaps in the conversation. Introverts tend to prefer thinking through questions and developing a considered response. That’s not always desirable in an interview where employers expect you to think on your feet. Planning your responses ahead of time can help prevent surprises.

Ask appropriate questions.

Thoughtful questions show the interview your engagement and give you a chance to show that you are listening and are interested in learning more.

Don’t over schedule.

Many introverts need downtime to recharge. So make time to regroup after each meeting, even if it’s just an hour in a coffee shop with a book. You’ll be overwhelmed by back to back interviews and won’t perform your best.

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