When you consider partnering with a recruiter, it’s essential that you get to know them. For example, ask them: what is their area of expertise? How do they work? What kind of work ethic do they have? Asking the right questions can give you confidence that your recruiter will be a true business partner. We have 5 great questions to get you started!

  1. Tell me about your experience. 

    Look for longevity in both the company and the recruiter. Do they understand your industry; know the intricacies of your market? Are they invested in the community? Do they have a robust network through building business relationships and creating strong bonds with people in their community?

  2. How many positions do you fill and at what levels?

    Naturally, someone who is recruiting C-level candidates won’t place as many as someone working with individual contributors, but you want to see a pattern of steady success. Therefore, you should ask them if they place people at the level you commonly search.

  3. Can you provide references or testimonials?

    Past success can indicate future potential. One of the strongest indicators that you’re making the right partnership decision is if the recruiter eagerly offers proof of success. Contact as many of the references you need to feel comfortable. In the meantime, conduct your own fact-finding in your business community to understand the firm’s reputation.

  4. How will you represent us to candidates?

    In a tight talent market, it’s essential that the recruiter you choose has the ability to sell potential candidates on your company and your opportunity. This question will reveal how well the recruiter understands your business, and how they can act as your ambassador to attract sought-after candidates.

  5. How do you improve yourself professionally?                                                                                Last but not least, look for recruiters who take whatever steps necessary to learn more about the industry and the marketplace. You want cutting-edge but professional practitioners, not someone who is either cutting his teeth on your account or stuck in stagnant, outdated ways.

In summary, choosing the right recruiting partner is essential to your success, and at Staffers, we’re always eager to answer any questions our clients or candidates may have to assure them that working with us is the right choice. Contact us today to get started on your talent or career search in Jackson.

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