The staffing industry comes with its rewards and challenges. On the one hand, it’s so exciting to help job seekers and businesses find the perfect fit for the job; however, accomplishing these goals comes with its own set-backs and difficulties. Here are some of the challenges facing staffing firms in 2019 and how to combat them!

  1. Client Expectations

Clients will approach your firm believing that you can meet all of their job requirements and expectations. In fact, you might have a couple of great candidates that they turn down because the candidates don’t meet all their expectations. Efficient Hire recommends meeting client expectations with data about the realities of the market. Even if unemployment is high, gaps in candidates’ overall skillset still exist and can often vary from industry to industry. For example, as John Reed, executive director of Robert Half Technology, says, “when you drill down into information technology, the realm of professionals with computer science degrees, unemployment is just 3 to 4 percent.” Enlightening your clients to the realities of the talent pool can save some unnecessary struggles to find the right candidate.

  1. Recruiting Strategies

As Pando Logic points out, in 2019, it is a job seeker’s (rather than employer’s) market. It’s up to staffing agencies to actively recruit. Efficient Hire points out that employee referrals tend to be the best resource for finding top talent.Additionally, recruiting through LinkedIn can be a good way to find good quality candidates. Implementing a strong social media recruiting plan can make a huge difference in who is noticing your available positions and applying to your jobs.

  1. Using Automation Tactics

Automation speeds up the recruiting—and ultimately the hiring—process. It helps recruiters organize resumes and online job applications. While automation might cut out some of the time involved in recruiting, it also presents some challenges. Despite the conveniences that Automation offers, recruiters should still be wary of relying too heavily on it to find top talent. Recruiting is all about human relationships, and losing sight of that will only lose you top candidates and clients.


At Staffers, we face staffing challenges and opportunities head on! We are ready to meet your needs whether you are a job seeker or employer. We specialize in office clerical and offer temp, temp to perm, and direct hire positions. Contact Staffers today to learn more about our job opportunities and top talent!

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