Job Seekers: work with a staffing firm to figure out your next career move.

Recruitment marketing is a practical approach to finding and attracting top talent.  The Undercover Recruiter compares this strategy to a pyramid or funnel. At the base of the funnel is “Awareness,” followed by “Interest,” “Active search,” “Application,” “Evaluation,” and finally, at the top, “Hire.” According to the Undercover Recruiter, however, “Many consider [recruitment marketing] the top of the funnel activity, but in truth, it’s actually pre-funnel.” Taking steps to ensure that job seekers are aware of the opening, that they become interested in the position, and that they apply to your job, begins before the base of the funnel: “Awareness.” What can you do to set a strong foundation for your hiring pyramid? Check out these tips below!

  1. Perfect your business brand

First things first: make sure your business’s brand reflects your values. It’s important that job seekers have an accurate understanding of your business. That way, those who apply have a good sense of why they would like to work for you. This weeds out job seekers who are looking for a different type of business or work environment. According to Talking Talent, “55% of talent leaders see employer branding as the top investment priority of 2017.”

  1. Posting your open position

Make sure your website career page is easy to navigate. Furthermore, if you are planning to post your job on an online platform, make sure it’s a website that caters towards the job seekers you are interested in attracting. For example, if you are searching for someone to work at your museum, post the job on websites that reach those with museum experience.

  1. Consider working with a staffing firm

Recruitment firms will have access to great candidates who might not know about your company or the open position. Since they are recruitment experts, they can help you find candidates that will both meet the qualifications you seek and fit well into the dynamics of the office.

  1. Consider revising your candidate engagement plan

According to TalentLyft, candidate engagement is the measurement of how candidates feel they were treated throughout the hiring process. A survey they included in their article states that when job seekers have a bad candidate experience, 42% say they would never apply with the same company again, and 22% said they would tell others not to apply for jobs with that company. Getting back to candidates promptly or using an easy-to-follow application process can make a huge difference.


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