One way to demonstrate your talents and expertise and boost the attention you receive from potential employers is by blogging about your career aspirations and your industry. According to Catherine Tan, a founder of the startup, Notey, “Alice Ko, the digital lead at Notey, previously blogged her way to a job by writing about why an up-and-coming fashion startup was the company she just had to work for. The blog post made its way through social media and landed in front of the company’s founders, who brought her in for a chat over coffee. Soon after, she was the newest member of their marketing team.”

How to Get Started:


The steps to start a blog are simple! First, you need to pick a name. Since you’re starting a blog to help jumpstart a career, you want to make sure your name is closely associated with the blog’s title. After all, recruiters may want to be in touch! Once you have a name, make sure your domain extension matches. Then, after you’ve chosen a blog host (the platform through which it will run), it’s time to start posting!

What kind of posts should you write?


You should regularly write posts that cover current topics related to your industry. As Lawrence Bradford, writing for The Balance Careers points out, “Doing research as well as analyzing problems and solutions in your profession shows that you’re passionate and motivated. And it demonstrates you’re in touch with your niche.

What are the benefits of creating a blog?


In addition to giving you something to do while you’re on the job search, blogging has some additional benefits. On the one hand, it allows you to expand your network. Creating traffic to your blog and having readers share your posts across different social media networks will allow for networking opportunities. Your blog will also make a nice addition to your resume. Adding a link to your resume can take it to the next level. Lastly, blogging expands your digital footprint. As the Balance Careers points out, recruiters will often do a quick Google search before deciding whether or not to reach out for an interview, so having a blog could immediately boost your chances!


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