Did you know that employees who are recognized at work actually feel happier at their jobs – and more loyal to their employers? As one of the top human resources firms in Jackson, MS, Staffers knows that focusing on your people and showing them your appreciation on a regular basis goes a long way in helping you to create a healthy – and successful – work environment. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get there. Here are some tips to keep employees engaged, motivated, and happy:

Tip #1: Say “thanks.”


It sounds too good to be true, but the simple act of thanking employees consistently will make them feel more appreciated, more valued – and more productive. You just need to ensure you thank them in a timely manner. So, for instance, if an employee just won a big new client, don’t wait a week to say “thank you.” Send a handwritten note, an email, or, better yet, stop by their desk in person to congratulate and thank them for their hard work.

Tip #2: Encourage employees to acknowledge each other’s work.


You can take the tip above a step further by encouraging employees to recognize each other’s work. Whether you create an online forum or the ability to offer “kudos”- type points toward some kind of reward – such as additional vacation days, merchandise, or a gift card – you give employees an opportunity to congratulate and thank one another. You’ll keep your team happier and working harder.

Tip #3: Stay “people-focused.”


It’s easy to get so caught up in work that needs to be done that you lose focus on your people. But to ensure employees are happy at work, you need to go beyond the “to-do” list and learn about each employee, what their needs and challenges at work are, and what they’re contributing to the team. You can’t build a strong company without making sure employees have what they need to deliver great results.

Tip #4: Foster friendship.


Strong work relationships boost the quality of life. Camaraderie can motivate employees, enable team building, and help your people feel more connected to your company. So encourage friendships at work. When you do, you’ll create a happier, more productive work environment.

Tip #5: Look to your leaders.


People don’t leave companies, they leave bad or ineffective bosses. That’s why it’s important to ensure your managers have the skills, training, resources, and support they need to become terrific bosses and build strong, happy teams.

Tip #6: Nurture your culture. 


Cultivating a healthy company culture takes time, but it’s well worth it. When you have a positive work environment, you’ll be able to attract, hire, and retain top performers and achieve more in the long run.


If you’d like more help overcoming other HR and staffing challenges, get in touch with us. We can help you find and hire high-performing people for your company. Just give us a call. As one of the top human resources firms in Jackson, MS, we can give you access to the best candidates, all so you can build the strongest team – and the healthiest culture.

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