As more jobs become remote, managers will have to adapt. They will need strategies to ensure your remote employees meet their goals, stay on task, and feel supported. If you’re navigating this, we have some tips to help you better connect with your remote staff.

  1. Find the right management balance.

In remote work scenarios, managers may feel they lack the level of control they have in an office setting. As a result, managers might feel the need to micromanage. However, the key, according to Indeed, is to focus on whether or not your remote employees are meeting their goals rather than how they are meeting their goals.

  1. Prioritize clear expectations.

Finding the right management balance will require prioritizing clear expectations. This will help you avoid tendencies to micromanage and help your remote employees understand their responsibilities and achieve their goals. For example, asking that they respond to all emails within 24 hours during the workweek, setting weekly deadlines, asking them to keep track of applicable metrics, and keeping their calendar updated to reflect their schedule can help keep your remote employees on task.

  1. Get your tech requirements squared away.

Make sure that all of the required software and technology your business uses will work in a remote capacity, and more specifically, that it works for your remote employees. If your employee is struggling to download a document, get their software to work, or unsure about how certain aspects of the technology work, they will not be as effective in their job.

  1. Maintain and grow a sense of community

As in any office, it’s important that you are able to maintain a sense of community, despite working remotely. Weekly check-ins between departments or maybe even an all-staff meeting can help unite your organization and help your employees feel like they are a part of a larger community.


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