How to prevent employee burnout

Job seekers always face challenges: too few jobs and too many talented candidates, listings that don’t quite fit their skills or applications that fall through the cracks. While the first two issues are a result of the job market, the latter is something recruiters can avoid. We recommend looking out for some of the following issues in order to ensure you’re noticing top candidates.

Job seekers can face general confusion about the application process.

Job seekers are struggling with the sheer amount of job listings and the overwhelming number of platforms through which to find them. As the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association writes, “The problem is that with so many options, job seekers don’t know where to concentrate their efforts to see the best outcomes. As a result, they can spend months looking for a position with nothing to show for it.”

But this is just where the confusion begins. Some companies forget to take down past listings, prompting job seekers to apply for jobs that no longer need filling. Convoluted job descriptions, listings that lack key details, and multi-step application processes cause more roadblocks. Clarifying the job responsibilities and streamlining your application process will bring in more, and better, applicants.

Job seekers face a lack of responsiveness.

Job seekers often feel like their efforts go unnoticed, especially when they never hear back from a recruiter. According to YourStory, 40% of job seekers say that this is their toughest challenge. Recruiters are getting hundreds of applications, and it can feel impossible to follow up with everyone, especially when you have applications on multiple platforms. According to YourStory, sometimes recruiters just don’t see certain resumes because they don’t include any of the keywords they are searching for. That said, making efforts to get responses out is really important to maintaining a good reputation.

We have a solution.

By working with a staffing firm, your application will make it to top talent, and the recruiters you’re working with will ensure an efficient application process, supplying a personal touch you can’t get from a job board.

If you are looking for temporary, temp-to-perm, or direct hire employees, call Staffers today! We specialize in office administration and can’t wait to help you find a great candidate for your job!

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