Whether you feel dissatisfied in your job or deciding to pursue your career dream, changing careers is daunting. Making a career change can require many sacrifices. Here are some things to consider as you strategize.

1. Understand your goals.

Whether you know what career you want to pursue or are still deciding, consider your goals. Are you hoping to use a different set of skills? Are you hoping to find a greater sense of purpose? More opportunities for advancement? Once you’ve determined what your goals are, you can narrow down next steps and really determine whether your career interests align with these goals.

Linda Spencer, director of the Office of Career Services at Harvard, suggests several methods. Research the fields you’re interested in by reading publications, speaking with members of that field, or attending an industry conference. Informational interviews are a great way to learn about an industry, meet people, and decide whether you want to pursue it. Most importantly, understand the steps that will be required to build up to your desired career. For example, you may have to start off in an entry level position. Is this something you can afford?

2. Assess your skills

Make sure you’re aware of what skills are required for your new chosen career, and brush up on any skills you may not have used in awhile. While you’re at it, see what you can do to build the skills you don’t have for this new career.

Research your transferrable skills, edit your resume accordingly, and tailor your language in your applications to these keywords. If you are looking at a range of skills that you don’t have yet, consider looking for resources online or taking a class.

3. Create a budget

Changing careers costs money. Whether you’re having to go back to school, quit your current job, or all of the above, be sure that you have budgeted for this change.

4. Work with a staffing firm

If you’re not sure what type of career change you’re looking for, a staffing firm can help you find some great options. They will understand how your skills will transfer and often have resources to help you gain the skills you need. Moreover, if you’re not totally sure which direction you want to take, you can temporarily work in a variety of industries until you find the right fit.

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