Questions to ask an interviewee

Whether you’re an interviewee or interviewer, interviewing requires a lot of time and effort. The interviewer needs to ask questions that are actually going to assess whether or not a candidate is going to be a good fit.

  1. Do your homework.

As Workable points out, an interviewer should identify what skills they are looking for in a new employee before creating interview questions. They recommend asking what requirements you want to assess in the interview and then which of these requirements are most important. This will help you determine the criteria by which you evaluate all of the candidates and ensures you are focusing on the right skillset.

  1. Narrow down your question types.

Once you know what requirements to assess, consider what question types you want to ask. You might want to cover some general questions; for example, you could ask them why they are interested in the job or what they know about the company. You could also ask them behavioral questions, giving them a scenario and asking them how they would respond in order to assess communication skills or company fit.

Then, there are skills-based questions. This could include questions such as, “Tell me about your last role. What were your responsibilities?” These will help you measure their technical ability to do the job at hand.

  1. Questions to avoid.

Aside from the questions you can’t legally ask, you might consider avoiding some of the cliché interview questions. As Workable points out, candidates will be most likely to have an answer to these questions memorized. It may not actually tell you what you need to know about the candidate.

  1. Work with a staffing firm

If you’re still feeling uncertain about the best questions to ask an interviewee, you might consider working with a staffing firm. They will know what types of questions will get the most honest and useful results. Call Staffers today for all of your hiring needs! We specialize in temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire opportunities.

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