Have you just graduated? The job market can feel daunting when you don’t have experience in your desired field, especially when the entry level job descriptions you see require two or more years of experience. As TopResume says, “Employers expect college graduates to enter their first job after school and hit the ground running. In today’s job market, the internship has taken the place of the post-college, entry-level job. If you graduate without a couple years of work experience under your belt, you’re already at a disadvantage.” Don’t lose hope, though! We have some advice for how to snag your first entry-level position.

  1. Consider ALL your experience

Have you volunteered? Participated in a science fair? Completed an internship? Created an organization or served on the executive board of a school group? Did you work at the same job every summer? All of these things can strengthen your resume. Activities related to your career of choice will demonstrate experience and passion while your annual summer job reflects commitment and dedication.

If you’re planning for the future, consider applying for an internship or participating in a project in your major. Beefing up your resume will help you get noticed, even if you don’t have two or more years of experience. With that said…

  1. Apply any way

Most job descriptions say they require two to five years of experience. Don’t let this discourage you from applying, especially if you have a robust resume. Some aspect of your resume could definitely stand out to an employer.

  1. Take advantage of your resources.

If you’re graduating soon or have recently graduated, you likely have a Career Services center that can help you prepare for the working world. Career Services centers can help you create a resume, practice for interviews, and connect you with your alumni network. These connections could help you find an internship that eventually leads to a job.

  1. Call a staffing firm!

Working with a staffing firm is a great way to get your foot in the door. Since they often have established relationships with the types of companies you want to work with, their vote of confidence might help you get noticed despite your lack of experience. Moreover, they can help you identify which skills might transfer to an entry level job in your field. Additionally, the flexibility you can get when working with a staffing firm will allow you to try out multiple roles, helping you narrow down your interests if you’re not sure where to start.

If you’re a recent grad, give Staffers a call! We specialize in office administrative work, and offer temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire opportunities.

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