Hiring is costly, and when you’re in a bind, you might be hiring for the present. Implementing a plan that allows you to hire for the future will help you avoid getting into a bind. While you can’t foresee all of your hiring needs, thinking ahead will help you address possible pitfalls.

1. Immediate challenges in 2021

While you’re thinking ahead, you also need to think about the things that could affect your company right now. According to Monster, the skills gap will continue to be a hiring issue in 2021: “Remarkably, a third of U.S. employers say the skills gap has increased compared to last year, and 80 percent of employers say they have difficulty filling openings due to skills gaps as opposed to a year ago.” If you’re planning to expand your business or know someone will be leaving their position in the near future, this might help indicate that you need to get started filling these roles sooner rather than later.

2. Get creative

You can get creative with the way you face and anticipate hiring challenges. As Jim Link, writing for Forbes, says, ” Any disruption — positive or negative — to a current team or organizational structure is an opportunity to take a step back and rethink whether a new approach makes sense.” He suggests seeing whether a non-traditional hire might be a better fit or if an internal hire might make the most sense. He also recommends a company wide and new hire skills audit, insuring that you know who might be able to fill in.


3. Work with a staffing firm

A staffing firm can be a key component for planning ahead. Not only can they help you with seasonal staffing shortages or temporary needs, but, in building a relationship with a staffing firm will allow them to get a better sense of the future hiring needs of your company and help you locate great candidates. Moreover, staffing firms can provide temp-to-perm services that will allow you and the candidate to determine if they are excited about the job. Finally, staffing firms are constantly communicating with top candidates and will be able to get your available positions in front of qualified candidates.

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