Sometimes it’s hard to see the signs that it’s time to change jobs. Maybe you’ve been there for years, have great benefits, or have hopes of a promotion. While all of these things can help make a job great, they aren’t always enough to make you happy at work, and happiness is a recipe for productivity and growth. If you are experiencing any of the following feelings, it may be time for you to consider moving on from your job. If you’re considering a change, try working with a staffing agency!

  1. You’re thinking about changing jobs.

This initial thought might indicate you are unhappy. Therefore, you should explore it with some curiosity and ask yourself why you are having this thought.

  1. You dread going to work.

Most people can’t wait for the weekend. However, you shouldn’t dread when the weekend ends. If you start to feel dread on Sunday or anxiety as you drive to work every day, this may be a sign that this is no longer the job for you.

  1. You see no room for growth.

If you see no possibility for further advancement in your job and you feel as though you no longer have anything to learn in your current role, this is a great sign that you may need to look for a new job.

  1. People are leaving.

As The Wharton Business School points out, you can tell a lot about whether or not it might be good to move on by your company’s retention rates and disorganization. They write, “If managers are constantly being moved around, it’s a signal that there is no clear leadership strategy in place. If a lot of your coworkers have been leaving for better opportunities, there are probably better places to work.”

  1. You notice a change in your mood or mental health.

Are you having trouble sleeping due to stresses at work? Are you more irritable, and do you often complain about your job? All of these signs could point to this job no longer being a good fit.

So, you’ve identified you need to find a job. What do you do next?

A great way to find a new job is to work with a staffing agency! If you know exactly what type of job you’d like to have, they can help you make connections with hiring managers at businesses you didn’t even know were hiring. Additionally, a staffing agency may already have more insight into the jobs you’re looking for automatically that you beginning a job search from scratch. If you’re not sure what you want to do next, staffing firms offer the opportunity to work temp-to-perm. This gives you, and the employer, a period of time to decide whether or not the job is the right fit for you.

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