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Get Started on your Holiday Hiring Today!

As the holiday season approaches, temporary staffing agency, Staffers, knows now is the time to start your seasonal hiring. Here’s why:

Early planning helps you gain an edge over the competition.

Many employers will, in fact, wait another month before they begin hiring for the holiday season. But by getting your seasonal hiring function up and running now, you’ll gain an edge over them and gain access to the most qualified candidates first.

It prevents you from making hasty hiring decisions.

When you need someone – anyone! – to fill a position, you’re likely not going to make a solid hiring decision. Avoid getting into this situation altogether by starting to plan for your seasonal staffing needs now.

It helps you avoid becoming overwhelmed.

The holiday season is already stressful enough. Don’t add to it by waiting until the last minute to start planning your holiday hiring needs. You’ll get bogged down by dozens or even hundreds of resumes and won’t have the time you need to properly vet each candidate. And remember, if a customer has a poor experience with your company, they’re not going to care much about whether or not the employee they dealt with was a full-time staff member, or a seasonal temporary worker. So make sure you plan ahead so you can hire the best!

If thinking about seasonal staffing has you stressed out, the good news is you can outsource most of the work to your temporary staffing agency partner. They can help you:

Gain more flexibility.

This will help you more effectively manage the increases in demand your company experiences and the fluctuating workforce necessary to operate at optimal efficiency.

Avoid post-holiday layoffs.

Seasonal employees simply work for as long as you require. If you no longer need them once the holidays are over, they will simply move onto their next assignment. You can therefore avoid the headache, heartache, and costs associated with layoffs.

Reduce overtime.

Overtime costs can get expensive fast. With seasonal employees, however, you can reduce or completely eliminate the need for it.

Get the people you need, where and when you need them.

Starting early and working with your temporary staffing agency helps ensure they can get the best people in place. This gives them enough time to locate, recruit and hire the most qualified staff, which is especially important if you have large-volume staffing needs.

Get rid of administrative burdens.

When you use seasonal workers through a temporary staffing agency you don’t have to worry about payroll, taxes, and other administrative burdens. The staffing agency is the “employer of record” and handles all those issues, so you have more time and resources to focus on other priorities.

See what our clients are saying about working with Staffers!

“I will forever recommend Staffers to my company!” – Taylor T.

“It has been good. Ali has been a great help and is working very hard. Thanks for making a great placement.” – Bob B.

If your company has a predictable increase in demand at the end of the year, now’s the time to start planning for it. If you’d like to learn more about how partnering with a temporary staffing agency in Jackson can make the process easier, call Staffers. We can work with you to identify peak areas of demand and create a strategic plan customized for your unique business. It’s never too early to start! Call us today!

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