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An excellent recruiter knows that hiring requires a lot more than meets the eye. Not only do recruiters have to place great new hires, but they are also responsible for marketing their company and attracting top talent. As The Undercover Recruiter points out, a huge part of recruiting is sales. Are you considering a career in recruiting? Would you like to work with a recruiter? If you answered yes to either of these questions, here are some qualities to aspire to and look for in a great recruiter. Fantastic recruiters are:

  1. Excellent communicators

Recruiters must be great communicators, both in writing and face-to-face. Networking, emailing, interviews, and phone calls are a major part of a recruiter’s daily tasks. These duties require being approachable, a great listener (another important communication skill!), and acting as a go-between for clients and potential candidates.

  1. On the ball

Good recruiters know that they have to work quickly (and thoroughly) to stay on top of their day-to-day tasks. According to Skillmeter blog, recruiters often work on commission, making the industry extremely competitive. They often juggle multiple job orders at once and have to know the ins and outs of each job description as well as the skills (soft and hard) of their candidates.

Most importantly, good recruiters have to be reliable. Since they are a go-between for candidates and clients, they have to keep track of both of their clients’ needs and respond to their questions and concerns in a timely manner.

  1. Thinking ahead

An excellent recruiter researches trends in the field. For example, as Generation Z enters the work force, good recruiters are already learning what to expect and how to attract talent from that generation. They also keep track of how their company is growing. Is a department going to be expanding in the near future? Are they hoping to create new departments?

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