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Even though a candidate clicked the “apply” button on your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will become your next top hire. In fact, many recruiters lose applicants during the process, some of whom are top candidates. According to a Career Builder survey, there’s a slight disconnect between what employers and job seekers consider to be a good candidate experience. Employers think a good candidate experience means a simple application process and candidate engagement. Job seekers say it means employers responding promptly, immediate notification if they are not right for the position, and regular updates throughout the hiring process.

Job seekers who undergo negative candidate experience, as Talent Lyft points out are, “more likely to reject your job offering, never again reapply for your job openings, and encourage others not to apply.” Negative candidate experience could even lose the company business. The opposite, of course, is also true. So, what can you do to improve the candidate experience? We have a couple of answers below.

  1. Attract a great hire by writing a clear job description

A detailed job description can be a helpful way to ensure you are attracting a qualified hire. Furthermore, it shows your dedication to finding the right fit for the job. The job description allows candidates to get a sense of what to expect out of the hiring process. For example, letting them know that there will be a process of three interviews or that there is a specific date by which they will hear from you, allows applicants to form expectations and may keep them interested longer.

  1. Establish a positive tone

Use an upbeat, yet direct, tone with candidates. If you send an automated response to candidates after they submit an application, make it warm and appreciative. An exclamation point and a “thank you” can go a long way with an applicant. If you know that a candidate isn’t the right fit, informing them as soon as possible enhances their candidate experience. Who knows? They might tell a friend about the position whose experience better fits the job description, or they might apply for a job down the road that is a better fit.

  1. Streamlining Your Application Process

Try to streamline the application process. On the one hand, you don’t want the application to be too short; on the other, an overly-lengthy application might lower your number of submissions. You can make the application process more efficient in several ways: eliminate questions that are redundant, too personal, or unimportant to the position. This might improve your pool of top applicants.


These days, job seekers can be choosy, so it’s crucial that recruiters make their company as attractive as possible to hire a top candidate, and these simple candidate experience improvements just might do the trick. If you’re looking to find the right candidate for your job, contact Staffers today!

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