How to handle mistakes at work

Mistakes are inevitable. After all, we are only human. Generally, mistakes can be easily corrected, and eventually, you can forget about them and move on; making a mistake at work, however, can be much more serious. On-the-clock mistakes can impact your employer, and depending on your mistake, even your company’s bottom line can suffer. While you can’t go back in time and undo your mistake, what you do next is very important. Consider the following tips to do damage control effectively.

Admit your mistake.

Do not attempt to hide your mistake; this will only paint you in a negative light if someone else discovers your mistake first. Instead, talk to your boss and admit your mistake immediately to be proactive.

Present a plan.

When you approach your boss to discuss your mistake, it is always recommended to be prepared with a plan for correcting it. Clearly present your plan with an estimated amount of time for implementing it and if there will be any costs involved.

Don’t point fingers.

Playing the blame game won’t help anyone. If co-workers share your responsibility for the mistake, encourage them to follow your lead in confessing to your boss.

Apologize, then move on.

While it’s imperative to take ownership of your mistake, do not berate yourself for it. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Admit error and apologize, but don’t beat yourself up about it.

Make corrections on your own time.

Don’t be surprised if you have to spend extra hours at work or work through your normal lunch break in order to correct your mistake. Sometimes, these sacrifices are necessary to fix your error and get everything back in working order. The sooner you have it fixed, the sooner you can get back to your regular routine.

Not all mistakes in the workplace are created equally, and some can be tougher to recover from than others, but remember: in the grand scheme of things, you are going to be okay. Following the above-outlined tips can help you smooth things over and correct your mistake as efficiently as possible. Staffers, Inc. has been helping Jackson, Mississippi, companies and employees find their best fits in the business world for nearly 15 years. If you are looking for additional resources on how to excel at your job in Jackson, Mississippicontact the experts at Staffers, Inc. today!

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