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So, you have an excellent opportunity at your company, and you’ve made sure to advertise it in the right places. You’ve written a terrific ad that showcases not only the job itself but your company and the benefits you offer. However, you’re not receiving applications from top candidates.

Where did you go wrong, when you think you’ve done everything right?

You may have forgotten one important step: the application process. You may have brought a crowd of tremendous applicants to your virtual door— but it is not as welcoming as it could be.

Research shows that 34 percent of candidates who start applying for jobs don’t complete the application process—because the application process is viewed as too complicated.

Does your company’s application process offer any of the following obstacles?

  • Forcing applicants to create an account before they can apply

  • Having too many separate windows/screens open up in the process

  • Broken links

  • Poor usability, i.e. the inability to use the Back button in the browser, or loss of information if someone has to go back to a previous page

  • Badly labeled or placed buttons—such as making the Cancel or Exit buttons larger and more easily accessible than Next or Finished.

  • Asking for too much information, like a social security number

  • Not providing an editable preview of your applications for candidates to check before submitting

Applying for a job is often the first significant interaction top talent has with your company. If the application process is viewed as too complicated, you may miss out on excellent applicants.

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