An administrative assistant ensures the day-to-day of an office runs smoothly and efficiently. Becoming an administrative assistant may be a good path for you if you are organized, detail-oriented, and communicate well. An administrative assistant’s responsibilities vary from industry to industry, but more than likely, they will require answering phones, scheduling appointments and meetings, and maintaining a filing and organizational system, among other operations-related tasks. If it sounds like you would like to pursue a career as an administrative assistant but you don’t know where to start, we have some tips.

  1. Administrative Assistant Job Requirements

Most administrative assistant jobs require a high school diploma or GED. Some companies may even be looking for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. Regardless, from the application process to the interviewing stage, demonstrating strong communication skills is essential. As attention to detail and strong communication skills are some of the most important requirements of the job, demonstrating you have a facility with both from the beginning is key.

  1. How to stand apart

Some candidates hoping to break into administrative assistant positions use certifications and skills assessments as a way to give their resume a boost. This is definitely an option, but as Blue Summit points out, it isn’t necessarily for everyone. Certifications cost money, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll help you get a job. However, if you are missing some critical skills, it could help you prepare for working in this industry. Blue Summit lists Microsoft Office Suite, email, online calendars, typing, and data entry, among others, as critical administrative assistant skills. So, if you really struggle with typing, taking a typing course can help you prepare for success. If you feel confident about your skills in these areas and have experience, include them in the “skills” portion of your resume.

  1. Where and how to start working

If you don’t have any administrative assistant experience, start out in other entry-level positions that require less experience but will help you build the same skills. Data entry jobs can be a great place to start. Working with a staffing firm can also help you build the necessary skills to pursue a career in this field and transfer to a permanent administrative role. Call Staffers today to get started!

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