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Are you new to the working world? Looking for your first job out of high school or college is daunting, but we have some tips for getting started.

  1. Keep your materials organized

When you’re applying for a lot of jobs, it’s easy to lose track of what materials you need to send to what company. The last thing you want to do is send a cover letter addressed to Company A to Company B. One way to avoid this mistake is to organize your applications by company and label each material with the company name. You can also create a spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your required materials. Regardless of what organizing strategy works best for you, keeping track of what you need to send where will help you streamline the application process.

  1. Perfect your resume

Already having work experience on your resume is a great start. However, lots of recent graduates may not have worked while in school. That doesn’t mean you don’t have work experience, though! If you did volunteer work or held a leadership position in a school club or organization, you can point out the skills you’ve gained from those experiences, especially if they transfer well to the types of jobs you’re applying for. For example, if you’ve held a leadership position in your school, such as the president or treasurer of a club or student government, highlight these experiences and detail the transferrable skills you gained while holding that role.

  1. Tap into networks you’ve already built.

Networking is tough, especially when you’re trying to break into a new industry and just starting out. Your school’s career center or alumni engagement department should keep track of where alumni from your high school, college, or university are located and oftentimes, they keep up with where alumni are working. Generally speaking, alumni are excited to connect with recent alums and help them find success. Moreover, you may find it easier to connect with alumni because you share common experiences.

If you don’t have access to an alumni organization, look to other communities you belong to for networking opportunities. For example, if you belong to a church or other community organization, you may be able to build connections through these groups.

If you are new to the working world, give Staffers a call! We specialize in administrative staffing opportunities and would love to help you jumpstart your career.

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