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When looking to partner with a staffing company to fulfill your hiring needs, you will certainly have many to choose between; how can you tell which recruiting firm will be the right one for you? While each staffing firm will vary in their specialties and areas of expertise, you will ultimately want to partner with… Read more »

Finding a job can be tough in today’s competitive market. Among a sea of job seekers and only a number of open positions, it is important to take advantage of any accessible job seeking tool or resource. Surprisingly, many job seekers tend to overlook one of the most promising, free resources available: enlisting the help… Read more »

As 2013 quickly comes to a close, many companies find themselves scurrying to get everything in order before the new year begins. From meeting holiday season demands to determining next year’s budget, several areas will need attention before the year finally winds down. Among these vital areas should be a realistic evaluation of your projected… Read more »

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many otherwise active job seekers find themselves putting their searches on hold. Why? Although conventional wisdom advises that companies are unlikely to engage in hiring during the hustle and bustle time of year, a surprising 53% of employers actually do continue to schedule interviews throughout December. If employers are not… Read more »

Job seeking is often touted as being a full time job in and of itself. In today’s competitive marketplace and recovering economy, this sentiment hits close to home for many job seekers across the country. Although the old saying, “desperate times call for desperate measures” is certainly understandable, a candidate willing to do anything for… Read more »

If you are not implementing an employee referral system in your company, you may want to give one some thought. Diligent, motivated employees typically surround themselves by likeminded people and statistics show it; referred employees have higher retention rates and increase employee engagement in their company. Well-designed referral programs identify top prospects that may not… Read more »

Whether your end goal is a temporary position, a long-term career, or a consulting contract, knowing how to effectively market yourself is one of the greatest skills you can have when it comes to job hunting.  When it boils down to it, job seeking and product marketing essentially share the same goal: establish the needs… Read more »

No company is exempt from the facts; all businesses with employees will experience some degree of employee turnover.  Replacing lost employees requires a great deal of effort from recruiting qualified candidates, to conducting interviews and training new hires, in turn, costing the company valuable time and money, not to mention taking its toll on employee… Read more »

When management positions become available or the need to create a new managerial position arises in your company, sometimes the best course of action is to promote from within. After all, who knows the ins and outs of your company’s vision, mission, and culture better than your current employees? In situations such as these, identifying… Read more »

When hiring top talent, counter offers should often be expected. After all, no company wants to lose its star employees and it is much easier to make a counter offer than start the hiring process unexpectedly. The good news when a candidate comes back with a counter offer is that they are valued and regarded… Read more »