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Hiring temporary employees is an excellent, cost- effective method for maintaining productivity and efficiency during the completion of special projects or busy holiday seasons. While many companies already utilize temporary employees at different times throughout the year, not all hiring managers realize that temp workers are also a valuable resource when it comes to improving… Read more »

Whether you have just stepped into a management position, have been managing a team of employees for years, or are not yet managing others, it is only natural to want to grow in your career. For many workers, growth often starts with being seen as a leader, regardless of where you currently fall on the… Read more »

As our nation’s economy continues to improve, the job outlook in Jackson, Mississippi has never looked sunnier. While Mississippi is a state generally known for its southern hospitality, friendly people, and comfort food, it is also becoming well renowned for its amount of job opportunities. The Jackson, Mississippi area offers job seekers careers in a… Read more »

As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. This is why behavioral based interview questions are becoming so popular amongst hiring managers.  Behavioral interviewing is a method used to discover how a candidate acted during specific employment related situations. The theory behind asking behavioral based interview questions is that the way you behaved… Read more »

When a position becomes available within your company, it is often second nature to want to fill that position with a new hire as quickly as possible; this is especially true if the position has become vacant unexpectedly or a new project comes along with a tight deadline attached. While this is of course understandable,… Read more »

In any given company, a manager can be tasked with overseeing and coaching several different work types. Although this can be a challenge, it is the manager’s duty and responsibility to ensure all employees on the team are being as productive as possible – even if this requires managing certain employees in different ways.  While… Read more »

Social media has become much more than a fun and convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family; it is also an increasingly efficient method for job seekers to find employment and for recruiters to locate quality candidates. To attract the best candidates, though, it is important for recruiters to market themselves carefully…. Read more »

Your college GPA is not the end all, be all. In fact, in many situations, it is not even taken into consideration. That does not mean, however, that it will never come up in conversation during a job interview or that it is something that should be overlooked. If your GPA is on the lower… Read more »

Even the most diligent companies sometimes find themselves seeking top talent to fill the shoes of a previous employee. Working hard to recruit and retain quality employees is essential for any business, however, no manager can fully prepare for every aspect of what the future may hold for a company’s workforce. In all actuality, the… Read more »

In today’s fast-paced market filled with small businesses and startups, hiring good talent is truly a skill in itself. Separating top candidates from hundreds of other applicants requires insight, experience, and a sharp eye. A healthy portion of professional culture boils down to chemistry, especially for companies with established teams already in place. Identifying chemistry… Read more »