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In this age of information transparency, lying on resumes is a relatively uncommon issue, but unfortunately, it does happen. With unemployment rates at an all-time high, some candidates will stoop to all-time lows to find a job. Never fear, though; even if your company does not have its own dedicated human resources department, you can… Read more »

Wearing different hats is something that comes with the territory of an HR staffer. With pressure to recruit within limited resources and manage workforce changes, policy making is rarely a top priority. While setting policies in place isn’t easy, it’s something that cannot be overlooked.  Although they require a lot of work – both in… Read more »

Starting a new job can be an exciting new adventure, but it can also be accompanied by a multitude of anxiety. Combining the stresses of learning a new routine with the pressures to succeed in your new position and impress your new employer can lead to a great deal of nervous tension. Luckily, there’s an… Read more »

For employers, nothing is better than retaining long-term employees; especially employees who start out in entry-level positions and work their way to the top. While these kinds of employees are coveted due to their high return on investment and vast knowledge of the ins and outs of the company, it can sometimes be difficult determining… Read more »

Where customer service is concerned, there is no gray area; it will make or break your business.  That’s why it is so imperative to begin viewing your own company’s customer service as a source of profit, rather than cost.  Fortunately, stepping up your company’s customer service is not a difficult transition when approached in the… Read more »

The employer/employee dynamic is a two-way street. You want to employ the best candidates, and they want to receive what they deserve in return. The key to keeping everyone happy is understanding what it is your employees value and desire. When hiring new talent, take inventory of what you currently provide and consider the following:… Read more »

It should come as no surprise that mid-career changes often leave job seekers feeling confused. You’ve surpassed entry-level positions both in experience and salary expectations, but you don’t have the qualifications for senior-level management jobs. This gray area combined with today’s job market leaves you facing the challenge of finding a job. However, if you… Read more »

Every company, regardless of your industry or location, is always looking for new ways to boost their business. Oftentimes, businesses will try to stay modern in their strategies – ahead of the curve with fresh and relevant ideas.  Although every company has their own unique strategies, this ongoing process of fresh ideas or reinvention has… Read more »

Although the U.S. unemployment rate remains relatively high, finding employees for certain positions is still difficult. Whether it’s initially filling the position or keeping it filled due to high turnover rates, some job openings are just more challenging than others, and let’s be honest – not every job is an appealing one.  Oftentimes, jobs are… Read more »

It has now been just over five months since the Supreme Court ruled The Affordable Care Act constitutional.  Although some time has passed since the ruling, many of us still have questions regarding the true meaning  for us as individuals and as employers. To help clear up some confusion concerning the healthcare reform, we’ve broken… Read more »