Overlooked Tips for Acing that Job Interview!

The interview can make or break your chances at getting the job. There’s the typical advice: dress to impress, arrive on time, carry yourself well, and ask good questions. While these are great things to keep in mind, here are some overlooked tips that could help you stand out in the job market. Use Google… Read more »

Nervous Interviewee or Not a Good Fit? How Tell the Difference When Interviewing

Job interviews are nerve-wracking for just about everyone. And some people get more nervous than others. Unfortunately, when a candidate is nervous, those nerves may affect your ability to assess whether they’re really right for the position. And you could be missing out on a really great employee. So, what can you do to make… Read more »

First Impressions – Gaining an Advantage in 20 Seconds

In today’s fast-paced world, people have short attention spans, and recruiters and hiring managers are no exceptions to the rule. For better or worse, our brains are programmed to make quick judgments about the people we meet. When it comes to impressing someone who has a strong say in whether you will be offered a… Read more »