Trying to find a professional staffing job may be overwhelming. However, the process of finding a job that fits your needs and desires starts with you! Once you’ve decided the career path you would like to take and have created a list with your qualifications and desired jobs, how do you take the next step? The American Staffing Association has some interesting tips, and we thought we would highlight some of our favorites, from the early stages of developing your resume to the job interview!

1. Resume: Unless you’ve had more than 10 years of professional experience, your resume should fit on one page. Make sure that you use a clean and professional format that is easy to read. One of the most helpful tips we’ve can think of is to proofread anything you send to your potential employer! Keep the language that you use in your resume clear, and make sure to use keywords from the fields in which you have experience. Your cover letter should have the same qualities!

2. Sending your Resume and Cover Letter via email: Be sure to convert your cover letter and resume to PDF form. By sending a PDF file, you are certifying that your documents will appear to the sender correctly. Write a short email note and attach the files. Make sure that your note is friendly and professional, showing that you appreciate their time and consideration.

3. The Interview: Confirm your appointment the day before the interview, and make sure that you have a copy of the contact information so you can reach out to them in case you get stuck in traffic, etc. Give yourself plenty of time for your interview. If possible, try to clear a few hours out of your schedule, so you can be sure to have plenty of time if the interview runs over. Say your interviewer’s name correctly! Confirm this with the receptionist if you’re feeling unsure. Lastly, be nice! Although the receptionist or other employees may not be making the final decision, it is important to leave them with a good impression.

Not only do these tips apply to finding the a professional staffing job, but they apply to any position you’re searching for!

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