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In Jackson’s healthcare sector, non-clinical staff play an essential role. We specialize in connecting medical facilities with top non-medical candidates in Hinds, Rankin, and Madison Counties, throughout Mississippi and beyond. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each individual meets the high standards expected in healthcare settings.

Non-Medical Support Staff Jobs We Fill Include:

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Advance Your Non-Medical Healthcare Career

If you are ready for the next step in the non-medical healthcare field, we can help find opportunities where you can make a difference and reach your goals. Staffers can lead you to fulfilling medical office roles in Jackson and beyond. Our expansive network can lead you to diverse, rewarding opportunities, to excel in your chosen career.
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Direct Hire for Top Non-Medical Professionals

When the time comes to add to your medical office team, our direct hire service identifies and selects candidates with the right skills. We find professionals who align with your unique company culture so they can integrate seamlessly into your team.
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Exceptional Non-Medical Healthcare Staffing

As a medical office temp agency, Staffers recognizes the significant role of non-clinical staff in enhancing the healthcare experience. We set the bar high, starting with our sourcing, screening, and vetting process. This approach ensures each candidate we provide not only meets but also exceeds the standards expected by healthcare institutions.
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Reliable Non-Clinical Staffing for Enhanced Care Delivery

The efficiency of a healthcare facility depends on the strength and competence of its non-clinical team. With a deep understanding of the local talent pool and specific requirements of medical offices in Jackson, we ensure your staffing needs are met with precision and speed.

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