Recruiting experts spent years researching how best to hire Millennial talent. Millennials are a more established faction of the workforce and are beginning to take on more senior positions. As we begin to see Generation Z-ers enter the workforce, recruiters need to rethink their hiring strategies. What makes Gen Z employees different from Milliennials? How do you recruit them?

  1. The Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z-ers

When recruiting Generation Z-ers, you have to use slightly different tactics than you may have used with Millennials, though the two groups have a lot in common. According to Forbes, Gen Z-ers are more attracted to pragmatism and job security while Millennials are more idealistic in their career aspirations.

  1. Notable Qualities of Gen Z employees

According to Forbes, Gen Z-ers are attracted to promises of raises, working alone, and are considered to be more competitive than Millennials, whose work ethic emphasizes collaboration. Because they grew up in the age of Smartphones, they are even more tech savvy and more accustomed to working from a variety of locations. We may expect increasing collapse between work and life, a prevalent issue in the workforce over the last few years.

  1. Attracting the Best Gen Z Talent

While Gen Z-ers have a greater interest in job security than Millennials, they also want to feel like they are part of a business that fosters community. They can be choosy when looking for jobs and want to work at a company whose values align with theirs’. Experts from the Forbes Coaches Council say that Gen Z-ers have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to work at companies where they can grow. According to CNBC, best hiring practices will take on an entirely new tone. Recruiter Heather Watson says, “Think of your company as a brand. What makes it unique? What makes it fun? How do you visually show that?”

  1. Retaining the Best Gen Z Talent

As stated previously, Gen Z-ers are interested in finding a company that best fits with their values. Finding the right company culture is a must for Gen Z job seekers. Instead of just posting your jobs online, think about how you can sell your company’s brand as well as the job.


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