Following the Golden Rule applies to everything, including recruiting. It’s a simple rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. This especially comes into play when working with potential job candidates. What does it mean to follow the Golden Rule in recruiting, and why is it so important? Here is a recruiter’s guide to the Golden Rule and placing great candidates.

  1. Keep Things Clear

A recruiter’s biggest strength is to be clear. It’s important to state the job description and salary (if you can) as clearly as possible so that candidates can make informed decisions about whether or not to apply. This will strengthen your application pool and allow candidates to more carefully screen for jobs that fit their needs and skills.

  1. Respect Your Candidates’ Time

Just like you, most potential hires are busy. Job seekers often submit multiple applications a week and may be working with several staffing firms. Therefore, following up in a timely manner, and keeping in touch will show your top talent that you are dedicated to working with them and that you want them to apply for your jobs. In a competitive hiring atmosphere, recruiters have to go the extra mile to place great candidates.

  1. Go the Extra Mile

Finding the right job for a potential candidate is as good for you as it is for the candidate. Learn the ins and outs of the position you are trying to fill, and make sure you have a good understanding of the key responsibilities of the position. When working with a candidate, it’s important that you listen to their expectations and desires, all while getting a better sense of their soft skills.

  1. Touch Base with Applicants Who Don’t Fit the Bill

In any applicant pool, there are usually candidates who do not meet the specifics of the job description. Even though focusing on hiring the right candidate is a top priority, it never hurts to follow-up with those candidates whose applications you have chosen not to pursue. It means a lot to the applicant to know if they are not being considered for the position. If they ask politely and you have time, it never hurts to give some constructive feedback about how to strengthen their application. Who knows? You may end up wanting to hire them for another position down the line!


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